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Some events, due to the nature of the content or the style in which they need to be presented, can disengage the audience. With simple interaction audiences remain attentive and engaged.

Data submitted is saved and presented to you for powerful analysis after the event.

For the larger budget projects bespoke branded interactive solutions can be designed and implemented. These can take the form of quizzes for games nights, teaching references or glitzy charity auctions.

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Voting is the simplest form of interaction. Pose regular questions throughout the day and check your audience's views and responses on topics raised in real time.

Every guest has their own personal handset on the software allows for a choice of answer styles including simple yes or no, multiple choice, fastest finger, multi select answers or ranking options.



For a more interactive solution, laptops can be on each table allowing questions for a panel or host to come direct from the audience. Either all questions or selected questions can be displayed on screen for the hosts or panel to answer.

This allows for instant feedback on questions raised as well as providing the annonimity to ask the boss the question you wouldn't dare ask face to face.

As with all interactive solutions, the received data is saved and can be provided for further reporting and analysis. This is an extremely powerful tool for planning for the future.



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